Leisure Suite

By K.B. Nelson

Look down at the fractal
flounce of my boho
dress as I step through
my day. Absurd to work
in such a skirt, my office
chair wheels would coil the edges up
into themselves til I’d be found
neatly bound to the chair.

Swirl to the weekend beat.
Sashay to the piano,
take a stab at some tunes
and make a hash of them.
Inept with abandon,
savor my artless endeavor
with this audience of none.

My time free time down time
no judge no critic no ego—
aspiration if not fact.
Time to reread that favorite
tract, time to sharpen my focus
on myself,
no profit in that.

Sexy décolleté, cut crocus in
my mess of unwashed
hair, mismatched earring
skims my shoulder—
admire my finery, herald of
a successfully frittered day.

K.B. Nelson

K.B. Nelson is a Canadian writer with one foot firmly in the camp of Art and the other in Science. She has won awards in both poetry and short fiction. You can find her work in a variety of publications, including Tiny Spoon, Nourish-Poetry and Sea-To-Sky Review. K.B. has resided from coast to coast in Canada, in Arizona, and in New Zealand. A graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Southbank writing program, she currently lives and writes in Greater Vancouver.

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